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Tomato sandwiches and brand loyalty

Posted by MelanieD on  July 28, 2020

Category: Blog
Dukes or Hellmans? Whether it’s a juicy tomato sandwich or homemande potato salad, one thing I know for sure is if you’re from the South, you swear by Duke’s mayo. I know some people who would rather do without than use Hellmans. And don’t even get them started on Miracle Whip! The same argument can be held for Pepsi vs Coke. And Ford vs Chevy. Most people are very brand loyal. Whether it’s a generational
Who can believe it’s May already? The year is flying by so quickly. We’ve created this Marketing and Holiday Content Planner Guide to help you get inspired and stay organized. How do I communicate with my audience in these times?  Offer your subscribers real value. If you’ve shifted to offer more online or virtual resources, let them know! Folks still want and need to send Mother’s Day gifts. Make it easy for them. Maybe you
I teach a lot of email marketing seminars. A LOT. Over the years, I’ve presented email marketing to 1000’s of small business owners, marketers, and organizations. Some of the students are familiar with email marketing, and some are brand-new to the concept. But without fail, I get asked the following questions in my sessions. Today, I’m sharing my answers with you! What type of content do I send?  The content should always be about them

How To Use Pinterest For Business

Posted by MelanieD on  April 2, 2020

Category: Blog
Often, the first thing that I hear from business owners when I mention leveraging Pinterest for business is that they simply cannot add one more social media marketing platform to their current efforts. And then I tell them that they should reconsider, because Pinterest is not a social media site, but rather, the third largest search engine in the world (behind Google and YouTube) that drives 5% of all referral traffic across the internet.  It

30 Day Social Media Challenge

Posted by MelanieD on  March 29, 2020

Let’s increase our social media presence and engagement! Announcing the April 2020 version of  #30DaysofSocial! This 30-day challenge comes with prompts and ideas for you to use. We start April 1, 2020, so put your thinking cap on and get ready to ramp up your visibility and have some fun while you’re at it! I can’t wait to see your content creations. Join the Facebook group, share your posts, and get some extra engagement on