Hello friends! We’re back again with ideas and examples for you to use when creating your February 2024 content. Let’s dive right in…

Monthly Themes

  • African American Heritage Month
  • American Heart Month
  • Cancer Prevention Month
  • Senior Independence Month
  • Time Management Month

    Love Month

    According to Wikipedia, Valentines’ Day originated as a Christian feast day honoring a martyr named Valentine. Through later folk traditions, it has also become a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

    Love Month

    And while many in today’s world don’t recognize or celebrate Valentines’ Day, suffice to say that there’s more than one way to celebrate LOVE without ever mentioning the day. Here’s some ideas and concepts to consider for your marketing campaigns all month long.

    1. We love our customers. Not just on February 14th, but all year long. One way we show this love is through our rewards programs.” Then share about your rewards programs.
    2. Run a month-long initiative of sharing your client’s posts and stories to YOUR Instagram stories. Be sure to add heart stickers and love-related emojis!
    3. Get active in your local community! Spotlight your staff/team dropping off flowers or baked goods at the nursing home (or whatever local organization you support).

    Weekly Themes

    • 2/1-7 – Women’s Heart Week
    • 2/14-20 – Random Acts of Kindness Week
    • 2/18-24 – Engineers Week

    Daily Themes

    • 2/2 – Groundhog Day
    • 2/2 – Wear Red Day
    • 2/2 – Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day
    • 2/2 – Self Renewal Day
    • 2/3 – Women Physician’s Day
    • 2/4 – Facebook’s Birthday
    • 2/4 – Homemade Soup Day
    • 2/6 – Pay a Compliment Day
    • 2/6 – Reclaim Social Day
    • 2/7 – Send a Card to a Friend Day
    • 2/11 – Latte Day
    • 2/11 – Super Bowl Sunday
    • 2/13 – Mardi Gras


    • 2/14 – Valentine’s Day
    • 2/17 – Love Your Pet Day
    • 2/17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day
    • 2/19 – Lash Day
    • 2/19 – Presidents’ Day
    • 2/22 – Chili Day
    • 2/22 – Walk Your Dog Day
    • 2/22 – Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
    • 2/29 – Digital Learning Day
    • 2/29 – Leap Day

    Love Your Pet Day (2/17)

    This is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to spotlight their beloved pets, whether they’re the office cat/dog or not! Excellent way to get some extra eyeballs on your content. Video or photos work well for this.

    Love Your Pet Day

    Digital Learning Day (2/29)

    Let’s get creative: while this day is theoretically about K-12 learning, many of us attend webinars for ongoing education and professional development. Snap a pic of the webinar speaker, or even better, a selfie of you in front of the computer monitor (virtually with the instructor) and share a tidbit of what you’ve learned and how it will improve your skills!

    Digital Learning Day

    We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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