In my Building a Brand workshop, we dive deep into what a brand actually is, and my students are often surprised at the outcome. If I had to choose ONE concept to focus on when it comes to branding, it would be emotion. What does your ideal client think or feel when they experience your brand, whether that’s your business name or product/service?

Here’s a few examples.

The Brand as an Experience

Your vehicle needs an oil change. You immediately think of a particular service station that you’ve had a positive experience with. That’s branding.

The Brand as a Service

Someone is new to town and needs an oil change and they ask you for a recommendation. You refer them to the service station you use. That’s branding.

The Brand as a Name

You drive past the service station daily on your commute to work. You see their signage and think about how you trust the business and their team, or that you need to get that oil change. That’s branding.

I encourage you to take a moment to consider some of the bigger brands you experience in your life. Think of Apple or Amazon or Nike or Pepsi. Just reading their names has likely already triggered an emotional response. Then consider how your brand can trigger a positive emotional response with your audience so when they’re ready to buy or refer, they think of you first!
Finally, a teaser: we’re refreshing the Melanie & co brand in 2024, so keep your eyes open. It’s going to be GREAT!

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