It’s time to spring into a new season of content creation, and we’ve got you covered with ideas and examples to help you with your March planning.  Let’s dive in!

Daily Themes

3/1 – Baby Sleep Day
3/1 – Day of Unplugging
3/1 – Employee Appreciation Day

    3/1 – Share a Smile Day

    This one is easy. Smile for the camera. Take a selfie and post it. Create a short video talking about what makes you smile. Create a Canva graphic with a big cheesy SMILEY face. Spread a little joy around. The world can always use more! Use #NationalSmileDay when sharing.

      Share a Smile Day

      3/2 – Read Across America Day
      3/2 – Teen Mental Wellness Day
      3/3 – Ear Care Day
      3/3 – Simplify Your Life Day
      3/4 – Global Day of the Engineer
      3/5 – Information Architecture Day
      3/8 – Women’s Day
        Proofreading Day
        3/10 – Daylight Savings Begins
        3/10 – Freelancers Day
        3/10 – Chemical Peel Day

          3/11 – Debunking Day

          Debunking Day is easy to wrap into just about any industry. What better way to create engaging posts than busting myths in your industry?! Here are some ideas. For our esthetician client, we bust the myth that sleeping in your makeup just once in a while is fine, or that exfoliating in the winter will dry out your skin. For our financial planner client we routinely bust life insurance myths. You get the idea–educate your audience and position yourself as the subject matter expert you are! And quite honestly, you can use this concept regularly, not just on Debunking Day!

            3/8 – Proofreading Day

            This may sound counterintuitive, but did you know that one of the easiest ways to get people talking about your content is to have a grammatical error? It’s true! The Grammar Police love to take to the Internet when a word is misspelled or the wrong word is used, or punctuation is incorrect. Or course, intentionally using grammatical errors to garner attention may not align with your brand. In that case, WordHippo and Grammarly can help.

            3/12 – Equal Pay Day
            3/12 – Organize Your Home Office Day
              Plant a Flower Day

              3/12 – Plant a Flower Day

              Plant a Flower Day is another theme that can be used across industries when approached properly. In the Health and Wellness field? Create content around the idea of growth and nurturing self similarly to the way one would care for a garden. How about those in the fashion industry: engage your followers by encouraging them to share selfies of them wearing your floral designs. Ask them to tag you in their posts and you can then share those posts to your stories. All brands should be seeking user generated content (UGC) whenever possible to increase their reach.

              3/14 – Crowdfunding Day
              3/14 – Write Your Story Day
              3/14 – Pi Day
              3/15 – Shoe the World Day
              3/16 – Lips Appreciation Day
              3/16 – Maple Syrup Saturday
              3/17 – Doctor/Patient Trust Day
              3/17 St. Patrick’s Day
              3/17 – Corned Beef & Cabbage Day
              3/18 – Global Recycling Day
              3/18 – Wellderly Day
              3/19 – Certified Nurses Day
              3/19 – Clients Day
              3/19 – Automatic Door Day
              3/19 – Backyard Day
              3/19 – Spring Begins!
              3/20 – SBDC Day
              3/21 – Flower Day
              3/21 – Renewable Energy Day
              3/23 – Chip & Dip Day
              3/29 – Good Friday
              3/29 – Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
              3/30 – Doctors’ Day
              3/30 – Fitness Recovery Day
              3/30 – Take a Walk in the Park Day
              3/31 – Easter

                Weekly Themes

                3/1-7 – Invest in Veterans Week
                3/1-7 – Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
                3/2-5 – Women’s Week
                3/2-6 – Read Across America Week
                3/3-9 – Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
                3/4-8 – School Breakfast Week
                3/11-17 – Clean Out Your Closet Week
                3/17-23 – Chocolate Week
                3/17-23 – Anonymous Giving Week
                3/18-23 – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week
                3/18-23 – Wellderly Week
                3/25-31 – Physicians Week
                3/31-4/2 – Crossword Puzzles Week

                  Monthly Themes

                  Women’s History Month
                  Gender Equality Month
                  Reading Month
                  Nutrition Month
                  American Red Cross Month
                  Berries & Cherries Month
                  Colic Awareness Month
                  Color Therapy Month
                  Employee Spirit Month
                  Craft Month
                  Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
                  Sing With Your Child Month

                    We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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