We’re thrilled to share your May 2024 content ideas! This month is bursting with themes that cover everything from health and wellness to business and creativity, providing ample opportunities to connect with your audience in meaningful ways.

Daily Themes

5/1 – National Skilled Trades Day
5/2 – World Password Day
5/3 – National Textile Day
5/3 – Wordsmith Day
5/4 – K.I.N.D Day (Kids In Need Of Diapers Day)
5/4 – National Kids Fitness Day
5/4 – World Give Day
5/6 – Melanoma Monday
5/6 – National Nurses Day
5/7 – National Teachers’ Day
5/8 – Donate a Day’s Wages To Charity Day
5/8 – National Give Someone a Cupcake Day
5/9 – National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day
5/10 – National Small Business Day
5/12 – International Nurses Day
5/12 – Mother’s Day
5/13 – IEEE Global Engineering Day
5/13 – National Apple Pie Day
5/15 – Bring Flowers To Someone Day
5/15 – National Employee Health and Fitness Day
5/15 – Turn Beauty Inside Out Day
5/17 – National Bike to Work Day
5/19 – Plant Something Day
5/20 – International Red Sneakers Day
5/20 – National High Heel Day
5/20 – National Pick Strawberries Day
5/21 – Eat More Fruits and Vegetables Day
5/21 – International Tea Day
5/22 – National Boss Babe Day
5/25 – International Skin Pigmentation Day
5/27 – Memorial Day
5/27 – Sunscreen Day
5/28 – National Burger Day
5/31 – National Smile Day
    May 2024 Content Ideas

    5/2 – Take a Baby to Lunch Day

    We all know that babies, food, and animals are usually highly engaging visual content for social media. On May 2, you can take advantage of “Take a Baby to Lunch Day” by posting a fun picture of you at lunch with (a) your own little one, (b) your grandchild or (c) borrow a friend’s baby for a photo opp! But wait! Go old school and dig out an actual picture of you with your kid at lunch for a Back-In-The-Day post and watch the engagement soar! BONUS POINTS: if you’re in the restaurant business, take pix of all the patrons with their babies OR encourage them to tag you in their posts then share to your stories. Win-Win-Win!!

    May 2024 Content Ideas

    5/17 –  National Pizza Party Day

    #NationalPizzaPartyDay. No reason is ever needed to have a pizza party, but just in case you need one, today’s your day!

    Three simple ideas to create engaging content for today:

    1. Order pizza for your team and share pictures or videos of them enjoying a slice. This would work perfectly for a LinkedIn post!
    2. Shoutout/tag the small business you ordered pizza from! 
    3. In the pizza biz? Create some videos of your pies in the process, from stretching/tossing the dough, to pizza peels sliding into/out of the oven, to a slow-motion of the pizza cutter. Make people crave your creation!


    Weekly Themes

    May 1-7 – Physical Education & Sport Week
    May 2-6 – Building Safety Week
    May 2-8 – Children’s Book Week
    May 5-11 – National Pet Week
    May 5-11 – North American Occupational Safety and Health Week
    May 5-11 – Teacher Appreciation Week
    May 6-12 – National Nurses Week
    May 10-16 – National Mental Health Awareness Week
    May 13-19 – Bike to Work Week
    May 15-21 – National Stationery Week
    May 20-26 – National Safe Sun Week
    May 27-June 2 – National BBQ Week

      Monthly Themes

      Anxiety Awareness Month
      Creative Beginnings Month
      Family Wellness Month
      Gifts from the Garden Month
      Global Employee Health Month
      International Business Image Improvement Month
      Skin Cancer Prevention Month
      Small Business Month

      Leaders of Tomorrow Month

      Social media isn’t just for cat videos and vacation photos! It’s a powerful platform to showcase your company’s commitment to leadership development and inspire your audience. Here are three ways to leverage social media to cultivate a community of strong leaders:
      1. Celebrate Your Team’s Leadership Journey
      • #TeamLeadership Share the stories of your team members who’ve grown as leaders within your organization. Feature quotes about their experiences, alongside photos highlighting their achievements. Let everyone see the impact they’re making!
      1. Show How You’re Building Leaders Beyond the Office
      • #GrowingLeaders Go beyond your four walls and showcase your commitment to leadership development in the community. Share photos or videos from events you sponsor, like a local youth leadership program, or workshops you host on leadership skills. Show how you’re making a positive difference!
      1. Bite-Sized Leadership Inspiration
      • We all crave quick bursts of knowledge and motivation. Create eye-catching graphics or short videos with practical leadership tips, inspiring quotes, or insightful ideas that resonate with your audience. These bite-sized pieces of wisdom can spark something great in your followers!

      By implementing these strategies, you can use your social media channels as inspiration for leadership development. Celebrate your team’s achievements, inspire your followers, and establish your company as a leader in fostering leadership skills.

        We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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