Hey friends! We’re getting ready to cross over into a new year, and with that comes an opportunity to add some fresh ideas to your content marketing strategy. To start you off on the right foot, we’ve put together some topics and examples that you can use to create your January 2024 content.

Monthly Themes

  • Hot Tea Month
  • Hobby Month
  • Get Organized Month
  • Family Fit Lifestyle Month
  • Bread Machine Baking Month
  • Get a Balanced Life Month
  • Brain Teaser Month
  • Be On Purpose Month


    • Blood Donor Month
    • Book Blitz Month
    • Clean Up Your Computer Month
    • Mentoring Month
    • Soup Month
    • Staying Healthy Month
    • Thank You Month
    • Financial Wellness Month

    Wellness Content is King!

    In January, wellness takes center stage, covering physical, mental, and financial aspects. For health and fitness professionals like nutritionists and gym owners, build trust with your audience by reassuring them of ongoing support beyond “get healthy month.” Share plans for classes and events spanning the coming months, introduce loyalty programs for continuous engagement, and offer personalized birthday month discounts to show appreciation and encourage sustained participation.

    For mental health professionals, the start of the year provides a prime opportunity to emphasize the importance of ongoing mental well-being. Beyond the January focus, cultivate a lasting commitment to mental health by offering resources such as mindfulness exercises, stress management workshops, and self-care tips.  Encourage your audience to prioritize self-care not just as a New Year’s resolution but as an integral part of their year-round well-being journey.

    For financial advisors, wealth managers, and the like, try these ideas: Introduce special promotions or discounts on financial planning services for those who sign up or inquire during January. Create a sense of urgency by making these offers exclusive to the beginning of the year. Launch a campaign centered around the idea of setting new financial goals for the year ahead. Emphasize the importance of reviewing and updating financial plans regularly. Launch a financial wellness challenge or milestone tracker that encourages participants to achieve specific financial goals by year-end. Provide regular check-ins, resources, and support throughout the year.

    Weekly Themes

    • 1/14-20 – Home Office Safety & Security Week
    • 1/14-20 – Pizza Week
    • 1/14-20 – Letter Writing Week
    • 1/21-27 – Healthy Weight Week
    • 1/21-27 – Hunt for Happiness Week

    Gratitude on Paper – Send a Thank You Note!

    I may be the queen of email marketing, but I still LOVE handwritten cards and letters! smile  That’s why I’m shouting it from the rooftops that International Letter Writing Week is coming up.

    This is a fantastic opportunity to send notes or letters expressing gratitude to your customers, clients, or followers for their support throughout the year. Personalize each note by mentioning specific interactions or purchases.

    Daily Themes

    • 1/1 – New Years Day
    • 1/3 – Mind-Body Wellness Day
    • 1/7 – I Am a Mentor Day
    • 1/8 – Clean Your Desk Day
    • 1/8 – Winter Skin Relief Day
    • 1/11 – Thank You Day
    • 1/12 – Hot Tea Day
    • 1/14 – Sunday Supper Day
    • 1/15 – Martin Luther King Day
    • 1/15 – Strawberry Ice Cream Day
    • 1/17 – Customer Service Day
    • 1/18 – Get to Know Your Customers Day
    • 1/18 – Gourmet Coffee Day
    • 1/20 – Cheese Lover’s Day


    • 1/20 – Coffee Break Day
    • 1/20 – Use Your Gift Cards Day
    • 1/20 – Take a Walk Outdoors Day
    • 1/21 – Own Your Own Home Day
    • 1/21 – Thank Your Mentor Day
    • 1/22 – Better Business Communication Day
    • 1/23 – Pie Day
    • 1/26 – Fun at Work Day
    • 1/27 – Chocolate Cake Day
    • 1/28 – Pediatrician Day
    • 1/29 – Puzzle Day
    • 1/31 – Hot Chocolate Day

    Don’t Forget to Use Those Gift Cards!

    After receiving gift cards, not everyone uses them immediately — or at all. A little under half of U.S. adults (47 percent) say they have unused gift cards, gift vouchers or store credits. surprised Good thing there is a day set aside in January to remind consumers to use the gift cards they received over the holidays.  Take advantage of this opportunity to encourage your customers to come in and use those gift cards.

    We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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