January 2021 content planner is here

January 2021 content planner is here

While 2020 was a year of challenges, many business owners learned about the benefits of flexibility and pivoting. Take that momentum and apply some of the lessons learned and get 2021 started off right by setting goals and working to make them a reality. Here’s a marketing content planner for January to help you get a good start on your blogging, social media posts or emails.

Jan 2021 content planner
Your December content planner is here

Your December content planner is here

We are well into a busy 2020 holiday season. Expect online shopping to be stronger than ever this year. While this can be an exciting time with record sales or donations, it is important to remember that 2021 is right around the corner. Now is the time to start planning for an even more successful year ahead!

december content planner

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Constant Contact is having a Cyber Week Sale. Save 40% now! Stay top of mind and grow your business with Email Marketing.

Your September 2020 Content Planner is here

Your September 2020 Content Planner is here

Now is the time to start planning for the holiday season. Many of your biggest competitors have started generating buzz around the holidays. Constant Contact provides you all of the tools you need to connect with your audience and deliver content and offers that will get them excited to shop with you. 

september content plan

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We are pleased to offer Email Marketing Academy with Melanie Diehl. This self-led online course is perfect for the beginner and the advanced email marketer.

Need more support than a course? We offer that too!

We offer both in-person and virtual training for individuals, organizations, private groups, and higher-education programs. Check out our offerings here, and our workshop calendar here. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, we can create it for you! Simply email us to discuss your specific needs, and we can make it happen!

Tomato sandwiches and brand loyalty

Tomato sandwiches and brand loyalty

Dukes or Hellmans?

Whether it’s a juicy tomato sandwich or homemande potato salad, one thing I know for sure is if you’re from the South, you swear by Duke’s mayo. I know some people who would rather do without than use Hellmans. And don’t even get them started on Miracle Whip!

The same argument can be held for Pepsi vs Coke. And Ford vs Chevy. Most people are very brand loyal. Whether it’s a generational thing, or just a personal preference, many people would rather do without than chose an alternative.

When it comes to offering a service or product–new or existing–to your audience, how will you convince them to chose you? Overcoming obstacles is one of the greatest challenges small business owners and marketers face. And it’s one of the most rewarding. When we can show our audience how we can serve them, and serve them better than they ever imagined, we win.

What obstacles do you need to overcome to reach your ideal audience? Really, I want to know. Email me and let’s talk about it!

In the meantime, I’ll be whipping up another juicy tomato sandwich using my favorite mayo.