There is no single answer to this question that works for every business. Objectives should be crafted according to the nature of your products and services, the ideal customer profile that you are targeting, and your business goals. Consider these examples of email marketing objectives and how to achieve them:

Increase traffic – Build brand awareness via email promotion of your website. Conduct surveys and research on what is most of interest to your customers and craft email content around this, with links to your landing page.

Increase conversion rates – Make a direct offer in the subject line and use follow up emails to provide additional information or convince customers that you are offering a product or service that is right for them.

Generate repeat business – Offer existing clients incentives to buy more of your products in order to increase the volume of sales and revenue.

Increase average order value – Offer existing clients incentives to place larger orders, or offer new customers an incentive to purchase higher-priced/bigger packages of items instead of lower-priced/entry level ones. (Think Kindle Fire vs.

Improve customer service – Survey your customers about their ordering experience and offer feedback or special offers to improve your services.

Increase customer loyalty – Invest in surveys, contests, and social media interactions to understand what customers like about you and how you can improve your business.

Increase brand awareness – Use email marketing to promote your products and services via fun games, contests, and entertaining stories (i.e. Warby Parker’s blog posts).

Offer exclusive offers and discounts – Use email marketing to offer customers special exclusive offers and promotions. You can also promote the sale of products that are about to expire, or send messages directly after your holiday promotions to entice those last minute buyers (i.e. Amazon and Apple).

Promote your company culture – Share news and events with employees, clients, and customers. They will see that your company is an exciting place to work, and they are likely to want to be a part of this.

Email marketing can be a powerful tool. You may have several business objectives for launching an email marketing campaign. To be effective with email marketing, it’s important to think about why you are sending each specific email  and what is the objective you are trying to achieve. The type of email you are sending will depend on what your objective is for that occasion or audience.

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