Your March 2024 Content Ideas Are Here!

Your March 2024 Content Ideas Are Here!

It’s time to spring into a new season of content creation, and we’ve got you covered with ideas and examples to help you with your March planning.  Let’s dive in!

Daily Themes

3/1 – Baby Sleep Day
3/1 – Day of Unplugging
3/1 – Employee Appreciation Day

    3/1 – Share a Smile Day

    This one is easy. Smile for the camera. Take a selfie and post it. Create a short video talking about what makes you smile. Create a Canva graphic with a big cheesy SMILEY face. Spread a little joy around. The world can always use more! Use #NationalSmileDay when sharing.

      Share a Smile Day

      3/2 – Read Across America Day
      3/2 – Teen Mental Wellness Day
      3/3 – Ear Care Day
      3/3 – Simplify Your Life Day
      3/4 – Global Day of the Engineer
      3/5 – Information Architecture Day
      3/8 – Women’s Day
        Proofreading Day
        3/10 – Daylight Savings Begins
        3/10 – Freelancers Day
        3/10 – Chemical Peel Day

          3/11 – Debunking Day

          Debunking Day is easy to wrap into just about any industry. What better way to create engaging posts than busting myths in your industry?! Here are some ideas. For our esthetician client, we bust the myth that sleeping in your makeup just once in a while is fine, or that exfoliating in the winter will dry out your skin. For our financial planner client we routinely bust life insurance myths. You get the idea–educate your audience and position yourself as the subject matter expert you are! And quite honestly, you can use this concept regularly, not just on Debunking Day!

            3/8 – Proofreading Day

            This may sound counterintuitive, but did you know that one of the easiest ways to get people talking about your content is to have a grammatical error? It’s true! The Grammar Police love to take to the Internet when a word is misspelled or the wrong word is used, or punctuation is incorrect. Or course, intentionally using grammatical errors to garner attention may not align with your brand. In that case, WordHippo and Grammarly can help.

            3/12 – Equal Pay Day
            3/12 – Organize Your Home Office Day
              Plant a Flower Day

              3/12 – Plant a Flower Day

              Plant a Flower Day is another theme that can be used across industries when approached properly. In the Health and Wellness field? Create content around the idea of growth and nurturing self similarly to the way one would care for a garden. How about those in the fashion industry: engage your followers by encouraging them to share selfies of them wearing your floral designs. Ask them to tag you in their posts and you can then share those posts to your stories. All brands should be seeking user generated content (UGC) whenever possible to increase their reach.

              3/14 – Crowdfunding Day
              3/14 – Write Your Story Day
              3/14 – Pi Day
              3/15 – Shoe the World Day
              3/16 – Lips Appreciation Day
              3/16 – Maple Syrup Saturday
              3/17 – Doctor/Patient Trust Day
              3/17 St. Patrick’s Day
              3/17 – Corned Beef & Cabbage Day
              3/18 – Global Recycling Day
              3/18 – Wellderly Day
              3/19 – Certified Nurses Day
              3/19 – Clients Day
              3/19 – Automatic Door Day
              3/19 – Backyard Day
              3/19 – Spring Begins!
              3/20 – SBDC Day
              3/21 – Flower Day
              3/21 – Renewable Energy Day
              3/23 – Chip & Dip Day
              3/29 – Good Friday
              3/29 – Mom & Pop Business Owners Day
              3/30 – Doctors’ Day
              3/30 – Fitness Recovery Day
              3/30 – Take a Walk in the Park Day
              3/31 – Easter

                Weekly Themes

                3/1-7 – Invest in Veterans Week
                3/1-7 – Write a Letter of Appreciation Week
                3/2-5 – Women’s Week
                3/2-6 – Read Across America Week
                3/3-9 – Chocolate Chip Cookie Week
                3/4-8 – School Breakfast Week
                3/11-17 – Clean Out Your Closet Week
                3/17-23 – Chocolate Week
                3/17-23 – Anonymous Giving Week
                3/18-23 – Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Week
                3/18-23 – Wellderly Week
                3/25-31 – Physicians Week
                3/31-4/2 – Crossword Puzzles Week

                  Monthly Themes

                  Women’s History Month
                  Gender Equality Month
                  Reading Month
                  Nutrition Month
                  American Red Cross Month
                  Berries & Cherries Month
                  Colic Awareness Month
                  Color Therapy Month
                  Employee Spirit Month
                  Craft Month
                  Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month
                  Sing With Your Child Month

                    We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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                    Your February 2024 Content Ideas Are Here!

                    Your February 2024 Content Ideas Are Here!

                    Hello friends! We’re back again with ideas and examples for you to use when creating your February 2024 content. Let’s dive right in…

                    Monthly Themes

                    • African American Heritage Month
                    • American Heart Month
                    • Cancer Prevention Month
                    • Senior Independence Month
                    • Time Management Month

                      Love Month

                      According to Wikipedia, Valentines’ Day originated as a Christian feast day honoring a martyr named Valentine. Through later folk traditions, it has also become a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and love in many regions of the world.

                      Love Month

                      And while many in today’s world don’t recognize or celebrate Valentines’ Day, suffice to say that there’s more than one way to celebrate LOVE without ever mentioning the day. Here’s some ideas and concepts to consider for your marketing campaigns all month long.

                      1. We love our customers. Not just on February 14th, but all year long. One way we show this love is through our rewards programs.” Then share about your rewards programs.
                      2. Run a month-long initiative of sharing your client’s posts and stories to YOUR Instagram stories. Be sure to add heart stickers and love-related emojis!
                      3. Get active in your local community! Spotlight your staff/team dropping off flowers or baked goods at the nursing home (or whatever local organization you support).

                      Weekly Themes

                      • 2/1-7 – Women’s Heart Week
                      • 2/14-20 – Random Acts of Kindness Week
                      • 2/18-24 – Engineers Week

                      Daily Themes

                      • 2/2 – Groundhog Day
                      • 2/2 – Wear Red Day
                      • 2/2 – Rheumatoid Arthritis Awareness Day
                      • 2/2 – Self Renewal Day
                      • 2/3 – Women Physician’s Day
                      • 2/4 – Facebook’s Birthday
                      • 2/4 – Homemade Soup Day
                      • 2/6 – Pay a Compliment Day
                      • 2/6 – Reclaim Social Day
                      • 2/7 – Send a Card to a Friend Day
                      • 2/11 – Latte Day
                      • 2/11 – Super Bowl Sunday
                      • 2/13 – Mardi Gras


                      • 2/14 – Valentine’s Day
                      • 2/17 – Love Your Pet Day
                      • 2/17 – Random Acts of Kindness Day
                      • 2/19 – Lash Day
                      • 2/19 – Presidents’ Day
                      • 2/22 – Chili Day
                      • 2/22 – Walk Your Dog Day
                      • 2/22 – Recreational Sports & Fitness Day
                      • 2/29 – Digital Learning Day
                      • 2/29 – Leap Day

                      Love Your Pet Day (2/17)

                      This is a no-brainer. Everyone wants to spotlight their beloved pets, whether they’re the office cat/dog or not! Excellent way to get some extra eyeballs on your content. Video or photos work well for this.

                      Love Your Pet Day

                      Digital Learning Day (2/29)

                      Let’s get creative: while this day is theoretically about K-12 learning, many of us attend webinars for ongoing education and professional development. Snap a pic of the webinar speaker, or even better, a selfie of you in front of the computer monitor (virtually with the instructor) and share a tidbit of what you’ve learned and how it will improve your skills!

                      Digital Learning Day

                      We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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                      Your January 2024 Content Ideas Are Here!

                      Your January 2024 Content Ideas Are Here!

                      Hey friends! We’re getting ready to cross over into a new year, and with that comes an opportunity to add some fresh ideas to your content marketing strategy. To start you off on the right foot, we’ve put together some topics and examples that you can use to create your January 2024 content.

                      Monthly Themes

                      • Hot Tea Month
                      • Hobby Month
                      • Get Organized Month
                      • Family Fit Lifestyle Month
                      • Bread Machine Baking Month
                      • Get a Balanced Life Month
                      • Brain Teaser Month
                      • Be On Purpose Month


                        • Blood Donor Month
                        • Book Blitz Month
                        • Clean Up Your Computer Month
                        • Mentoring Month
                        • Soup Month
                        • Staying Healthy Month
                        • Thank You Month
                        • Financial Wellness Month

                        Wellness Content is King!

                        In January, wellness takes center stage, covering physical, mental, and financial aspects. For health and fitness professionals like nutritionists and gym owners, build trust with your audience by reassuring them of ongoing support beyond “get healthy month.” Share plans for classes and events spanning the coming months, introduce loyalty programs for continuous engagement, and offer personalized birthday month discounts to show appreciation and encourage sustained participation.

                        For mental health professionals, the start of the year provides a prime opportunity to emphasize the importance of ongoing mental well-being. Beyond the January focus, cultivate a lasting commitment to mental health by offering resources such as mindfulness exercises, stress management workshops, and self-care tips.  Encourage your audience to prioritize self-care not just as a New Year’s resolution but as an integral part of their year-round well-being journey.

                        For financial advisors, wealth managers, and the like, try these ideas: Introduce special promotions or discounts on financial planning services for those who sign up or inquire during January. Create a sense of urgency by making these offers exclusive to the beginning of the year. Launch a campaign centered around the idea of setting new financial goals for the year ahead. Emphasize the importance of reviewing and updating financial plans regularly. Launch a financial wellness challenge or milestone tracker that encourages participants to achieve specific financial goals by year-end. Provide regular check-ins, resources, and support throughout the year.

                        Weekly Themes

                        • 1/14-20 – Home Office Safety & Security Week
                        • 1/14-20 – Pizza Week
                        • 1/14-20 – Letter Writing Week
                        • 1/21-27 – Healthy Weight Week
                        • 1/21-27 – Hunt for Happiness Week

                        Gratitude on Paper – Send a Thank You Note!

                        I may be the queen of email marketing, but I still LOVE handwritten cards and letters! smile  That’s why I’m shouting it from the rooftops that International Letter Writing Week is coming up.

                        This is a fantastic opportunity to send notes or letters expressing gratitude to your customers, clients, or followers for their support throughout the year. Personalize each note by mentioning specific interactions or purchases.

                        Daily Themes

                        • 1/1 – New Years Day
                        • 1/3 – Mind-Body Wellness Day
                        • 1/7 – I Am a Mentor Day
                        • 1/8 – Clean Your Desk Day
                        • 1/8 – Winter Skin Relief Day
                        • 1/11 – Thank You Day
                        • 1/12 – Hot Tea Day
                        • 1/14 – Sunday Supper Day
                        • 1/15 – Martin Luther King Day
                        • 1/15 – Strawberry Ice Cream Day
                        • 1/17 – Customer Service Day
                        • 1/18 – Get to Know Your Customers Day
                        • 1/18 – Gourmet Coffee Day
                        • 1/20 – Cheese Lover’s Day


                        • 1/20 – Coffee Break Day
                        • 1/20 – Use Your Gift Cards Day
                        • 1/20 – Take a Walk Outdoors Day
                        • 1/21 – Own Your Own Home Day
                        • 1/21 – Thank Your Mentor Day
                        • 1/22 – Better Business Communication Day
                        • 1/23 – Pie Day
                        • 1/26 – Fun at Work Day
                        • 1/27 – Chocolate Cake Day
                        • 1/28 – Pediatrician Day
                        • 1/29 – Puzzle Day
                        • 1/31 – Hot Chocolate Day

                        Don’t Forget to Use Those Gift Cards!

                        After receiving gift cards, not everyone uses them immediately — or at all. A little under half of U.S. adults (47 percent) say they have unused gift cards, gift vouchers or store credits. surprised Good thing there is a day set aside in January to remind consumers to use the gift cards they received over the holidays.  Take advantage of this opportunity to encourage your customers to come in and use those gift cards.

                        We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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                        Your December 2023 Content Ideas Are Here!

                        Your December 2023 Content Ideas Are Here!

                        Hey there! December is just around the corner, and we’ve got you covered with some content ideas and practical examples to amp up your December 2023 content plan. Let’s dive in!

                        Monthly Themes

                        National Write a Business Plan Month

                        Weekly Themes

                        12/1-7: National Cookie Cutter Week

                        Cookies, cookies everywhere!

                        There’s several opportunities relating to cookies in December, and you don’t have to be in the food industry to talk about them. Maybe there’s a cookie exchange at your office–grab a quick video and snap some pix and voila, perfect LinkedIn post that relates to company culture. Maybe you can find an analogy between making cookies and a process at your business. Or maybe cookies are one of your brand pillars, which is a no-brainer for creating several fun posts. Remember, when it’s social media posts, engagement always wins, so have some fun with this concept!

                        National Cookie Day

                        Daily Themes

                        12/1: National Women Support Women Day; National Package Protection Day; National Cookie Cutter Day

                        12/2: Special Education Day

                        12/3: Make a Gift Day

                        12/4: National Cookie Day

                        12/5: International Volunteer Day

                        Recognize the volunteers who help your organization!

                        Charities and membership organizations rely on volunteers to help them achieve their goals. What a perfect day to recognize those who have helped your organization. Why not create a short video thanking them for all they do. Be sure to tag these important people on all your social media platforms.

                        International Volunteer Day

                        12/7: First Day of Hanukkah (ends 12/15); Pearl Harbor Day of Remembrance

                        12/8: National Blue Collar Day

                        12/11: National App Day

                        12/13: National Cocoa Day

                        12/14: National Free Shipping Day

                        Free Shipping Day is coming! Make sure your customers know in advance.

                        Be sure to send your email campaigns with plenty of advance notice so your customers can take advantage of free shipping day. You may even want to consider creating a special campaign with incentives like free shipping PLUS a free gift or a coupon code to redeem next year when they place a minimum order.

                        Free Shipping Day

                        12/15: National Ugly Sweater Day

                        12/16: National Wreaths Across America Day

                        12/21: Winter Solstice

                        12/24: Christmas Eve

                        12/25: Christmas Day

                        12/26: First Day of Kwanzaa (ends January 1); National Homeowners Day

                        National Homeowners Day isn’t just for Realtors.

                        Our real estate clients have had great success with National Homeowners Day campaigns. But this day isn’t just for REALTORS®! It can work well for anyone in related industries, like home organizers, interior decorators, handyman services, etc. Consider how you can create content that homeowners can relate to, like 2024 Pantone Color of the Year or keeping your home warm for the winter or getting organized in the new year. The ideas are endless!

                        National Homeowners Day


                        12/31: New Year’s Eve

                        We hope you’ve found these tips and examples helpful.  If you need help with your content creation strategy and implementation, reach out to learn how we can help!

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                        Your November 2023 Content Ideas Are Here!

                        Your November 2023 Content Ideas Are Here!

                        Looking for ideas to spark your content-crafting creativity? We’ve got you covered with these November 2023 Content Ideas.

                        Monthly Content Themes:

                        National Entrepreneurship Month
                        National Gratitude Month
                        National Healthy Skin Month
                        National Home Care & Hospice Month
                        National Alzheimers Disease Awareness Month
                        Military Family Month

                        Weekly Content Themes:

                        11/1-7: World Communication Week
                        11/13-17: American Education Week
                        11/13-19: Global Entrepreneurship Week
                        11/13-21: National Hunger & Homeless Awareness Week
                        11/20-26: National Game & Puzzle Week

                        Daily Content Themes:

                        11/1: Extra Mile Day
                        11/1: National Author’s Day
                        11/1: National Stress Awareness Day
                        11/2: Be An Impact Day
                        11/2: Project Management Day
                        11/3: National Sandwich Day
                        11/5: Daylight Savings Ends
                        11/6: National Team Manager Day
                        11/7: National Retinol Day
                        11/9: Go to an Art Museum Day
                        11/11: National Sundae Day
                        11/11: Veterans Day
                        11/12: National Happy Hour Day
                        11/13: World Kindness Day
                        11/15: America Recycles Day
                        11/15: Education Support Professionals Day
                        11/15: National Philanthropy Day
                        11/17: National Hiking Day
                        11/18: Family Volunteer Day
                        11/18: International Survivors of Suicide Loss Day
                        11/19: Women Entrepreneurs Day
                        11/21: National Entrepreneurs Day
                        11/23: Thanksgiving
                        11/24: Black Friday
                        11/25: Small Business Saturday
                        11/27: Cyber Monday
                        11/27: National Brand Day
                        11/28: Giving Tuesday

                        Remember, whatever topics you choose to post about on your social media channels, make sure to be consistent. Consistency unlocks the door to trust, visibility, and lasting connections with your audience. It’s not just about the quantity of posts but the regularity and reliability of your engagement.

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