Celebrating 10 years as a Constant Contact Certified Partner

Celebrating 10 years as a Constant Contact Certified Partner


Melanie Diehl Named a Constant Contact Certified Partner

Raleigh, NC marketing expert to help small businesses and nonprofits
achieve meaningful marketing results

 MELANIE DIEHL, RALEIGH, NC — June 26, 2023 – Melanie Diehl, President of Melanie & co Marketing Collective, has been named a Certified Partner by Constant Contact, a digital marketing platform trusted by millions of small businesses.

 As a Certified Partner, Melanie has demonstrated in-depth knowledge of the Constant Contact digital marketing platform and best practices. This ensures program participants and the clients she serves will realize meaningful results from their investments in email and online marketing.

  “I’m excited to celebrate 10 years as a Certified Partner with Constant Contact,” said Melanie. “Looking back this was such a wise decision for my business and for the clients I serve. I look forward to serving even more small business clients over the next 10 years!”

 “The Certification Program ensures customers that our Partners have proven, in-depth knowledge of online marketing and Constant Contact’s offerings,” said Mark Allen, VP of Customer Growth at Constant Contact. “By earning Certified Partner status, Melanie has demonstrated her commitment to helping clients succeed by taking proactive steps to grow her marketing skillset.”

 About Melanie & co Marketing Collective

Melanie & co Marketing Collective helps small to mid-size businesses, churches and nonprofits get found online by creating custom digital marketing solutions such as websites, email and social media marketing campaigns and local SEO services. We also serve the DIY marketer learn the skills they need to be successful through seminars and webinars.

 About Constant Contact

Constant Contact delivers for small businesses and nonprofits with powerful tools that simplify and amplify digital marketing. Whether it’s driving sales, growing a customer base or engaging an audience, we deliver the performance and guidance to build strong connections and generate powerful results. For more information, visit www.constantcontact.com.


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July 2018 Content Planner

July 2018 Content Planner

As we enter into the second half of the year, July is a perfect time to reflect and reinforce existing relationships, as well as think about how we can grow in the days to come. What’s your plan to prevent existing customer relationships from melting away in the summer sun? What about a strategy to bring the heat against your competition and gain more customers?

Whether your focus is to engage your existing audience, grow your list, or both, the July 2018 Marketing and Holiday Infographic below should help you keep your cool this July.








source: Constant Contact 

Whatcha gonna say in that next email campaign?

Whatcha gonna say in that next email campaign?

email on phone iconTo get your email opened and read, you understand the importance of sending it at the right time. You understand the importance of a compelling subject line. You understand the importance of segmentation: sending the proper message to the proper group.

So now you’ve got them interested in your email, but what are you going to talk about?  Many marketers get stuck here. Deciding what to write can be a little less confusing by following these concepts.

  • Focus on being relevant. Make sure that you know what your audience values: ask your customers and prospects what type of information they would like to receive in their inbox.
  • Figure out how much is enough. How much content is that? Keep in mind that a majority of people will be viewing your email from their mobile device, and will likely not have/not take the time to read a lengthy email.
  • Turn questions into content. Remember, you are the expert in your business or industry, and your customers typically are not.
  • Use images—great images! Or video! Just be sure your email is optimized for mobile, and that images don’t dominate your content.
  • Use the internet to help you find content: blogs, RSS feeds, Twitter trending topics and Google alerts are a few great resources.

Here’s a list of ideas to get you started today!

  • The Year in Review
  • Weekly/monthly calendar of events
  • Answer a frequently asked question (or two or three!)
  • Welcome a new staff member
  • How to…
  • Announcement of new product/service
  • News of awards/achievements
  • Shareable content (like photos, gif’s, and infographics)
  • Video of employees/staff volunteering in the community
  • Picture and caption of unique event/crazy weather
  • Special offer/sale/promotion
  • Anything “behind the scenes”
  • Invitation to an event
  • Highlight customer/charity/another business
  • Curated content with link to original source
  • Teaser text and link to your blog
  • Request for help, volunteers needed, etc

At the end of the day, it’s so important to remember that content marketing really isn’t about what you want to say, but about what your audience wants to hear. You know your tribe, so speak their language! Marketers who can remember this and implement it will do well.