Here’s eight more of our favorite content creation tools.

  1. Google analytics. Use this free tool from Google to learn more about audience behavior on your website. You can see at a glance where your website visitors spend time and use that as a guide to know what they’re interested in; then create more content that’s similar in topic or keywords. Sign up for your free Google Analytics account here.
  2. TikTok watermark remover. Are you reposting your TikTok videos to Instagram reels (or Pinterest, or LinkedIn, etc)? Repurposing content can be great. At the time of this blog post, we’re seeing increased performance of cross-posted TikToks that have the watermark removed. There are several apps you can choose from, including Apowersoft Watermark Remover, Kapwing, and Snaptik. 

3. Using the “domino content” concept is incredibly valuable. The basic premise is this

    • Create a video and post to YouTube
    • Transcribe the video into a blog and post it on your website
    • Pull bits of the blog post into social media posts and email teasers

Domino content is a massive time saver AND this method hits all your important platforms. Try my affiliate link at to transcribe your videos; it’s super easy. 

4. Email subject line testers. There are three reasons a subscriber will open an email, and probably the most critical is the subject line. We’ve been using and Advanced Marketing Institute’s headline testers to analyze our email subject lines and have seen increased open rates since. 

5. Industry blogs. Can’t find your favorite publisher on Feedly and don’t want to clog up your inbox with more subscriptions? Follow their blogs for inspiration. Many suppliers also offer access to marketing assets for distributors, so don’t forget to use those resources! No need to keep recreating the wheel.

6. Answer the Public. I’m letting you in on a big secret. Answer the Public is one of our favorite tools for learning what our audience is interested in. Simply head to their website and enter a word or two and PRESTO! You quickly get a report of the questions being asked based on your query. But important side note: free users can only access the platform 3 times in a 24-hour period (as of the time of this post was written), and it’s IP-address tracked, so keep that in mind when using it. Find Answer the Public here.

7. HARO. Another good way to learn about popular industry topics is to subscribe to Help A Reporter Out. HARO is a tool that provides an easy connection between journalists and reporters. Bonus: submit an article and maybe you’ll get published! HARO sends three daily emails, Monday – Friday. Side note: as a “reporter” you’ll need to sign up using your personal email address. Learn more about HARO here.

8. A good content scheduling tool. So you’ve got your content planned and created. Next up: posting it! Using a content scheduling tool is a huge time saver: you can schedule you content in advance, “set it and forget it” and instead of hopping onto your platforms at the “ideal time” everyday, you can check in at a convenient time to address customer service issues, engage with your audience, and then be done for the day! Have you ever gotten sucked into the scroll when all you meant to do was check in? Us too! There are several apps that offer the option to engage and comment directly via the app, which can be a huge time saver. Our current favorite scheduler is It allows us to schedule to Facebook, Facebook groups, Google My Business, LinkedIn profile and company pages, Instagram and Pinterest! Plus their analytics tool creates amazing monthly reports. Content planner. Whether it’s a cool digital tool like Trello or Clickup, or a spreadsheet, or an old fashioned white board and post-it notes, the plan is the most critical part! We use a combination of Google spreadsheets and Clickup for planning our content.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning about Content Creation tools. While there are more tools you can add to your Content Creation toolkit, these 16 are time-tested tools that we use regularly for creating content for our clients. 


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