Here’s eight of our favorite tools for content creation, in no particular order.

  1. Canva. Of course! As an early adopter of Canva, we’ve been telling marketers about it for years. Canva is a very user friendly graphic design tool for creators who desire to make custom graphics including images, videos, pdfs, letters, business cards, and so much more! We love it so much, we now teach it at local learning centers and online webinars. Find a Canva webinar here and join in the fun! Need a Canva account? Here’s my affiliate link.

  2. National Day Calendar. Did you know there’s a “national day” for almost everything?  Find a holiday that’s relevant to your audience or your marketing pillars or your content plan to fill in those blanks. It’s a great tool for filler content! Click here for the National Day Calendar.
content creation ideas
national day calendar

3. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator. Simply enter a noun into the generator tool and in just seconds you’ll have a week of blog ideas based on your word. And it’s free! You can find it here.

4. Feedly RSS reader. Feedly lets you keep up with the topics and trends you care about, without the overwhelm. The mobile app is super easy and you can even configure it to post to your social media accounts on the go. Now how easy is that? Click here to learn more about Feedly

5. Google Trends. What topics are trending in your industry? In your location? With your audience? Google trends has the answer and it’s free! Just head on over to Google Trends and give it a try.

google trends

6. Content planner. Whether it’s a cool digital tool like Trello or Clickup, or a spreadsheet, or an old fashioned white board and post-it notes, the plan is the most critical part! We use a combination of Google spreadsheets and Clickup for planning our content.

7. Industry newsletters. Can’t find your favorite publisher on Feedly? Subscribe to their email newsletters and get the info you need delivered directly to your inbox.

8. Twitter. Follow trending topics on Twitter. If the trends align with your audience, share that content with them!

So there you have it, 8 free tools that you can add to your toolbox today! Come back next week for 8 more content creation tools that you’ll love just as much as these.