Often, the first thing that I hear from business owners when I mention leveraging Pinterest for business is that they simply cannot add one more social media marketing platform to their current efforts.

And then I tell them that they should reconsider, because Pinterest is not a social media site, but rather, the third largest search engine in the world (behind Google and YouTube) that drives 5% of all referral traffic across the internet. 

It is at that point that they ask me to elaborate a bit more. 

How does Pinterest work for my business?

Think about it this way. When you go to Google, you type in a phrase or series of words in the search bar, and then what populates? Search results. When you go to Pinterest, you do the same thing at the search bar at the top, right? You enter your search keywords, words, or phrase, hit enter, and voila — pins are search results. 

working from hone pinterest

As a business owner, content creator, or blogger, you can utilize Pinterest to meet pinners on the platform by sharing your content, products, landing pages, services, etc in the form of pins right where they are looking to buy a product, find a solution for a problem, or gain inspiration.

Because pinners are actively searching on the platform for products, services, content, and the like, they are considered a warm(ish) lead versus promoting your business on other platforms and hoping that people see what it is you are trying to share, sell, etc.

That’s right. If built effectively, you can sell to cold leads on Pinterest.

The other thing that I passionately share with business owners about Pinterest is that you can be building multiple areas of your business at one time without alienating your audience.

How often should I pin?

I pin about 10-15 times per day. Each pin shares a piece of content, YouTube video, digital product, landing page, podcast episode, and more. Through search and specific keywords, these pins are not all shown to the same pinners, but rather to the pinners who search for them specifically. 

pinterest for business

In short, Pinterest is an often overlooked and incredibly powerful search engine you can use to grow your business by gaining referral traffic, new leads, and potential conversions with consistency and intentionality.

Joanne Wetzel is the Pinterest marketer and manager behind Pin Savvy Co. Her company helps brands and bloggers harness the SEO power of Pinterest to grow more digitally visible, profitable businesses. Whether you’re looking for full Pinterest management, Pinterest profile optimization, or to book a Pinterest Strategy consultation, Pin Savvy Co has multiple offers to suit your unique business needs. Learn more about Pin Savvy Co, read the blog, or contact us at pinsavvy.co/contact today to schedule your complimentary consultation.