As a public speaker for Google’s Get Your Business Online (GYBO) program, my mission is to teach as many business owners as possible about the free (and low-cost) Google tools and products that are available to them.

Here’s a quick look at just a few of these Google tools.

  • Google My Business
  • Google My Business Website
    • A free one-page website available to every claimed and verified Google My Business listing. It’s great as a starting place for those businesses just getting started.
  • Google Adwords Express
    • Adwords Express is a simpler version of Google Adwords. It’s simple, easy to launch., and there is no cost to create an Adwords Express campaign (however, there is a budget requirement for CPC or PPC. Google Adwords experts can help with this).
  • Google Trends
    • What’s the hottest trending topics on the web at any given moment? Research your industry to help develop your content.
  • Google Alerts
    • Goodness, this is one of my favorite tools. Set alerts on your business, your name, your competitors, your high school crush (but that’s between you and Google), and get an email digest whenever your alert is found online.
  • YouTube
    • Google is the world’s number one search engine. YouTube is in second place! And video is growing stronger every moment. Leverage your YouTube channel, and get more eyeballs on your content.
  • G-Suite
    • While not free, it is certainly affordable at around $5/month. Get domain-based email, 30GB of memory, 99.9% up-time, 24/7 support, and so much more. I use it and I encourage all of my clients to use it as well.
  • Google Trainer
    • Bring one of Google’s 15 National Trainers to your event, anywhere in the US! There’s no cost to your organization, and the level of education and training is top notch. Learn how to bring a trainer to your event here.

melanie diehl leading google session huntsville al