It’s not as glamorous as some may think. It’s not all “playing on Facebook and Instagram” and posting selfies and food pictures. A typical day consists of strategy creation, client calls, and developing KPIs. We curate content, create content, schedule and monitor posts; it includes community engagement, measuring insights and analytics, and creating reports. We research, and research, then research some more. We spend time learning the newest trends through ongoing education and training, and we participate in professional development to provide our clients with the best possible results. 

Teaching about social media marketing

As a bonus, I also have the pleasure of spending time in front of small business owners teaching them the nuances of social media management through workshops, seminars and conferences. These opportunities allow me to reach a broader audience and for that I’m very grateful.

Local news needs social media expert

But yesterday something different happened. It was late Friday afternoon and I got a phone call from a local television reporter. They were seeking a social media expert to talk about a tragic incident that happened in a local community. I quickly agreed to speak to them on camera about how parents can protect their children from the dark side of social media. 

social media expert discusses signs parents can look for to prevent kids from buying drugs online
Local teen accused of selling drugs via social media is ‘tragic,’ expert Melanie Diehl says.
Watch the report here.

Some of my  recommendations are to have a conversation with your kids, and start having those early. Strike an agreement that having phone privileges comes with responsibilities and strings attached. As the parent you have complete access to their phones social media accounts, no questions asked. Having honest and open and ongoing communication with your kids is key.

Helping parents as well as business owners

Thank you CBS17 News, reporter Kelly Kennedy and the crew (Jasmine and Austin–you rock!) for inviting me to be your social media expert on this topic. It is my hope that through your efforts we can provide help and hope to parents of young kids and teens and save some lives. Social media has many facets; as parents, we need to be armed with information and be ready to do battle to protect our most precious gifts: our kids.