Customers. Clients. Patrons. Supporters. Members. Donors. The lifeblood of a successful business or organization is made of this group of consumers who believe in your product or service or cause. For without them, we are merely spinning our wheels.

We all understand the importance of expressing our thanks and appreciation to our customers every day, but why not take advantage of Get to Know Your Customers Day to show a little extra love? Get to Know Your Customers Day is celebrated every January, April, July, and October. What can you do to say thank you to your customers? Here are three ideas for you to consider.

Create a Loyalty Program to Show your Appreciation

Super gifts for “SuperFans.” You know them, the repeat customers. The ones who are totally loyal to you. How can you say thanks for their loyalty? One way is to offer a Loyalty Program. This can look like a discount on a product or service, or a gift with purchase, or an exclusive sample or free trial. Have you ever experienced a situation where the business you frequently visit only offers discounts to new patrons? How did that make you feel? Putting ourselves in the place of our customers can provide a different outlook on discounts and rewards. Don’t alienate your loyal customers—it took a lot of hard work to get them in the first place, so give them a little something to say thanks for stopping by, again and again. Perhaps on these days, you can create a special offering just for them!

Have a Party for all your Customers

Who doesn’t love a party? Invite your customers, yes, all of them, to an Open House. A no-strings-attached, get-to-know-us-and-the-staff, enjoy-some-light-refreshments, bring-your-friend, party. That’s a mouthful, but you get the idea. Give your customers an opportunity to know your business a little better, without feeling pressure to buy anything at all. Perhaps you can give away a door prize, or offer party favors with samples of your product. Your customers will leave the event loving you even more than ever.

Write Thank You Notes

hand written thank you notesDepending on how many customers you have, that may be easier said than done. If your customer list is smaller, you may be able to hand write thank you notes alone, or with the help of a Virtual Assistant or a service like Send Out Cards. Or you can send a thank you email campaign with a link to claim a free thank you gift. Additionally, you can switch up your social media sites with thank you cover photos (this is ALWAYS a great idea!). Sometimes, just saying these two simple words can mean so much.

There are many other ways to express your appreciation to your customers and get to know them better. You know your customers and clients better than anyone. Use your best judgement and find a way to thank them on Get to Know Your Customers Day. You’ll be glad you did.