Let’s increase our social media presence and engagement!

Announcing the April 2020 version of  #30DaysofSocial! This 30-day challenge comes with prompts and ideas for you to use. We start April 1, 2020, so put your thinking cap on and get ready to ramp up your visibility and have some fun while you’re at it! I can’t wait to see your content creations. Join the Facebook group, share your posts, and get some extra engagement on your social media content. 

  1. Create an April Fool’s post 
  2. Post your logo
  3. Ask a question
  4. Go live 
  5. Share a business tip
  6. Show us the view from your office
  7. Share your story
  8. Share an industry statistic
  9. Share a TBT 
  10. Share a motivational quote
  11. Share a picture of your pet (Pet Day)
  12. Post a picture of the books you’re reading
  13. Celebrate a company milestone
  14. Spotlight an employee/team member
  15. Highlight a customer
  16. Post links to your other social profiles
  17. Ask a multiple choice question
  18. Share a success story
  19. Thank a volunteer (National Volunteer Week)
  20. Post something seasonal
  21. Ask for a review or testimonial
  22. Create a National Earth Day post
  23. Post a picture of your workspace
  24. Share someone else’s content
  25. Share something funny
  26. Share your latest blog post
  27. Interview a customer
  28. Post a selfie
  29. Share a link to your freebie
  30. Thank your followers
30 day social media challenge