For entrepreneurs, it’s always about family

Over the past 9+ years, I’ve met with countless business owners and entrepreneurs. We’ve had many conversations about marketing and networking and successful business strategies and making money. The list goes on.

But there’s one thing I’ve found in common with every. single. person. It all comes back to family. FAMILY.

We don’t decide to become business owners for the recognition–often we’re wearing all the hats (from CEO to janitor) and we look rather silly wearing all those hats but we do it anyway.

We don’t decide to start our own business for the immense wealth–often we go without a paycheck because we need to pay our bills, because we understand the importance of keeping the lights and power on.

We don’t decide to be our own boss because we can take off anytime we wish–if we do that, our businesses could fail, and that’s not acceptable.

We understand that the freedom of flexible hours can mean staying up all night to finish a project or place supply orders or get our books in order for the accountant. So we do what is necessary and consume large amounts of coffee to keep hustling.

And we do all these things for one real reason. Because it gives us the ability to set our own rules and ultimately be with our family. Even if that means bringing the tablet and working from the stands at the soccer game: we’re there to see our kid kick the winning goal. Or we take our aging parent to a doctor appointment, even if we have to step outside the waiting room to take a business call.

Because in the end, it’s about being with family. Family is everything.