September 3, 2021 Summer Sea Glass Series-Part 1

If you’ve ever heard me speak publicly, you’ve probably heard me mention my brand pillars. They are Gracie the Yorkie, my Family (because you can’t have your dog as a pillar and leave out everyone else you love), Sea Glass, and Red Shoes.

As summer comes to a close and we wrap up our beach vacations I wanted to share a series of stories about Sea Glass and how it became a pillar to my business.

It all started about 17 years ago. I was at Topsail Beach on a family vacation when I noticed bits of broken glass on the beach. It was various shades of green and brown and white. Some had a frosty appearance and softened edges, as if they’d tumbled around the ocean for weeks or months, perhaps years. Others had sharp edges and were quite clear, as if they had recently broken. They each had their own unique beauty and their own story.

Hunting for sea glass has become very fulfilling for me over the years. I might hit the beach for just an hour or two, and if I find even one piece, I consider it a victory. My husband and daughters who hunt with me often ask if the clear and sharp pieces need to be tossed back because they’re “not finished yet.” My answers vary.

Stay tuned each Friday in September as I share more about how I weave these natural treasures into my mindset, practices, and brand.


September 10, 2021 Summer Sea Glass Series-Post 2

Last month I spent a few days at Emerald Isle. My daughter found a few pieces of sea glass and handed them over to me. Some are clear and sharp and others are frosty and smooth. I kept all these pieces because they made me think about life and the people we meet.

People are like sea glass: all similar, yet all uniquely different: colors, shapes, sizes, ages, history; some decorative and others not. Some fresh and clear and sharp. Some experienced and soft and polished.


September 17, 2021 Summer Sea Glass Series-Part 3

Collecting sea glass has been a hobby of mine for many years. I spend time both alone and with my family combing the beach looking for these hidden gems.  As I sort through my treasures I can’t help but reflect on how the highly unique pieces of glass are a metaphor for the various people in our lives.

I’m blessed to have all manner of sea glass present in my life. My grandparents and parents are the polished, frosty sea glass, full of wisdom they’ve imparted to me over my lifetime. My daughters are the bright, shiny new bits of glass in my life: showing me new ways of thinking and seeing things differently. And my friends and colleagues are an incredibly beautiful mix of all the sea glass: offering inspiration, guidance, beauty, and motivation.


September 24, 2021 Summer Sea Glass Series- Part 4

My hobby of collecting sea glass throughout the years has allowed me to see a relationship between the various types of glass that washes up on shore and the parallel of the different types of people I have come across in life. 

This journey called life has many paths and lessons, and results too. Some of us have weathered the tumultuous waves of life and our edges have softened as we’ve tumbled about the sea. Some of us are in the early stages of our lives and careers, and the future looks so incredibly bright and exciting.

You will come across so many people in your personal and business life. Thinking about what they have weathered and been through in life will help bring perspective.