Tip #1: 4 Ways to Educate Your Social Media Audience

Blogs; Podcasts; Live Videos, Quick Pre-Recorded Videos – Do you use any of these methods to educate your social media audience about yourself and/or your brand?

Tip #2: On Social Media Authenticity is Key

Being authentic will set you and your brand apart in this extremely competitive market.  Your followers want to see the real you!

Tip #3: Visit Other Blogs in Your Niche

One of the easiest ways to find new ideas is to look at other blogs that address similar subjects in your same area of expertise. What kinds of topics do they write about? Which ones get a lot of traffic? Do they all have something in common? If one post does really well, how can you spin it in a different direction?

Tip #4: Ask for Feedback and Share Customer Testimonials on Social Media

If you don’t already do so, it’s a good idea to ask your customers for their feedback or a review on your services/products. This will help you build up an understanding of how customers view your product and your business. Using this information, you can strive to make your customers even happier. Plus, you can share positive testimonials on your social pages!

Tip #5: Diversify Your Social Media Feeds

One of the ways to diversify is by sharing some behind the scenes content. Whether that’s what you did over the weekend, a family activity, or a community event you’re participating in, your followers will appreciate a mix of promotional and more down-to-earth content. Including a mix of personal content, promotional content, and inspirational content on your social channels can keep followers engaged, humanize your social pages, and make you more relatable.