¬†“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

photo credit: http://oz.wikia.com/wiki/Wizard_of_Oz_

One of my favorite scenes in the Wizard of Oz is when Toto pulls the curtain aside to reveal the truth about the Wizard–a mere mortal, full of himself, and pretending to be something he’s not, wielding terror and fear with his imaginary “power.”
In today’s world of technology, many of us may feel we are hiding behind our computer monitors and smartphones, hoping to be perceived as something bigger-something better-something more than we truly are in order to compete with the “big boys.”
But when we pull back the curtain, and let the world have a little peek at the reality of our company culture, no matter the size, guess what happens? The world LOVES it!



I was feeling particularly motivated this Monday morning and took a quick snap of my desk. My desk is adorned with the typical “stuff,” and with items that are meaningful to me:


my screensaver is a photo I captured on a wonderful vacation, a card my daughter sent me from college, my favorite notebook and pen.


I have a coffee mug hand-thrown by an extended family member, some of my favorite business books (love the Compound Effect by Darren Hardy), and so much more. So I posted the picture on my Facebook page and captioned it, “Bring it on, Monday!”


I had no idea the engagement that would create. Lots of folks LIKE’d the post, and three -3- different conversations ensued. All because of my desk? Well, sort of. It was more about the human element, my {very} personal work-life laid out for the world to see who is really behind the curtain. No great and mighty Oz, just a mere mortal, sharing her excitement over a new day, a new week, a new beginning.