How often should I email my list?

Posted by MelanieD on  April 4, 2019

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I teach lots of digital marketing classes and workshops, and Email Marketing is one of my most popular sessions. And without fail, this question is asked at every Email Marketing class I present. So today, I’m going to share with you my best advice on how often to email your subscribers! Keep in mind, this article is meant to address regular email communication, not sales funnels or sequences. Consistency is key There are several factors
As we enter into the second half of the year, July is a perfect time to reflect and reinforce existing relationships, as well as think about how we can grow in the days to come. What’s your plan to prevent existing customer relationships from melting away in the summer sun? What about a strategy to bring the heat against your competition and gain more customers? Whether your focus is to engage your existing audience, grow
google my business listing

Google My Business listing: why and how!

Posted by MelanieD on  May 20, 2018

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It’s important that a business’s information appears—and appears correctly— when people search online. Research shows that 80% of consumers used a search engine when looking for information about local businesses.1 And, businesses that are online grow 40% faster and are twice as likely to create jobs.2 This brief tutorial explains the importance of creating or claiming your local business listing using Google My Business–a free tool for your business! Once a business listing has been verified, you
melanie and her family

For entrepreneurs, it’s always about family

Posted by MelanieD on  May 10, 2018

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Over the past 9+ years, I’ve met with countless business owners and entrepreneurs. We’ve had many conversations about marketing and networking and successful business strategies and making money. The list goes on. But there’s one thing I’ve found in common with every. single. person. It all comes back to family. FAMILY. We don’t decide to become business owners for the recognition–often we’re wearing all the hats (from CEO to janitor) and we look rather silly
networking with intention

Make Networking Work For You

Posted by MelanieD on  February 4, 2018

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If you have ever felt that the time spent networking was wasted I submit that it is not the activity itself with the problem. Rather it is your intent and/or your event. What was your intent in attending the last networking event that frustrated you? Sometimes you have success, but it is entirely random.  Some connections may eventually become the perfect person to accelerate your business. Consider this common model we are all familiar with that