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I frequently hear the same question: how much time should a business owner or professional spend on social media per day or week? My general response is most maintenance work (responding to posts and requests, sharing, pinning/re-pinning, and re-tweeting, etc.) can be done in less than 20 minutes per day. However, to do this, one must set aside a larger chunk of time during the week (Sunday afternoon?) to schedule posts in advance. Create a

Using images in online marketing

Posted by MelanieD on  December 5, 2014

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Images are powerful. Many of us have heard the statement, “science indicates that the human eye registers images 60,000 times faster than text.” While I’ve not been able to confirm that, I have found data* that states, “Presentations using visual aids were found to be 43% MORE PERSUASIVE than unaided presentations.” Good enough for me! Without a doubt, any marketing material we produce is going to be more effective when we include images: photos, graphics, statistical

De Hart Botanical Gardens

Posted by MelanieD on  November 11, 2014

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It was time to get my daughter’s senior portraits taken, and an awesome photographer and family friend offered his services. So off we went, on a glorious day in October. One of his favorite places to shoot photos is the De Hart Botanical Gardens just south of Louisburg, NC. I had driven past the entrance to the Gardens many times, but never taken the time to stop for a visit. What a treat it was!

Pull back the curtain, and let the world see you.

Posted by MelanieD on  October 22, 2014

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 “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” photo credit: One of my favorite scenes in the Wizard of Oz is when Toto pulls the curtain aside to reveal the truth about the Wizard–a mere mortal, full of himself, and pretending to be something he’s not, wielding terror and fear with his imaginary “power.” In today’s world of technology, many of us may feel we are hiding behind our computer monitors and smartphones,

Shop Local

Posted by MelanieD on  February 10, 2014

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I checked in with my Facebook newsfeed a few minutes ago and noticed a friend had liked a local business page. I was curious, so checked out the page. It’s a general store that hasn’t opened its doors yet. They just joined Facebook as a business page 12 hours ago. When I visited the page, there were already 97 fans. I decided to give them some FB love, and liked their page. It’s been 13