That’s Good Chocolate!

As a retired registered nurse, Mary Rountree never imagined she’d be satisfying the sweet tooth of strangers for a living. But life had something sweet in store for her.  A rare heart issue resulting in couple of heart attacks and heart ailments led her down a different path after retirement.

Mary started out providing goodies for Christmas parties and school functions for her children.  In 2014, she started making cakes for weddings, birthdays and parties, but the stress of that–the type of stress her doctor told her to avoid–became too much.

It’s All About the Sweets and Smiles

At That’s Good Chocolate, Mary makes and sells Belgian Chocolates with a Southern Twist! She explains, “We have to respect and include our southern roots.” And everything they do, they do with a smile and laughter, “it’s important to us! We are good, hence the name, That’s Good Chocolate! Haha! We get out there with our potential customers and greet them with respect and smiles and laughter. They love that! Then folks will buy if even if it wasn’t their intention at the beginning.”

Mary spends a great deal of time reading, researching and sourcing the Internet for answers to her business questions. She markets through direct sales to the public via shows, festivals and farmers markets. Her clientele consists of CEOs, Moms and Dads, children, all folks who are just curious about the taste and end up buying. Mary says, “We LOVE smiling faces so we always give samples.”

At the end of the day, Mary states, “Smiles make us happy! We enjoy seeing people’s faces light up as they taste our chocolates!”

You can find That’s Good Chocolate at the Wake Forest Farmers Market most Saturdays. Be sure to stop by the booth. Mary will likely give you a sample of her Good Chocolate, which will surely put a smile on your face.

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