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Rose Trail Images is a North Carolina Photographer serving the Raleigh/Wake Forest/Rolesville area. Owner Audrey Priel specializes in a more lifestyle and photo journalistic approach, focusing on the moments and the reason behind the story as opposed to stiff posing and awkward moments. She’s inspired by sunsets, infectious laughter, and the joy of the here and now. She works primarily with families but also regularly photograph weddings and mitzvahs.

After teaching Special Education for 14 years, Audrey turned her photography business into “full-time awesomeness” in September 2017, and hasn’t looked back! She’s been published in more than ten (10) online wedding blogs, received multiple awards from photography contests, and even had a photograph in the Wake County Government Parks and Rec photography display. Audrey states, “I’m a photographer because I absolutely LOVE what I do! Making people happy by capturing moments in time is seriously the BEST job in the whole world!”

Audrey shares the story of how she got started in the photography business.

“I always took photos and wanted to become a photographer, but I always heard it said “It’s just a phase, everyone wants to be a photographer at some point.” I believed that I was nothing special and that I was no different than other Mom with a camera, until I heard all the support behind me. This past year I had 12 weddings, just in my first season, and already have 10 booked for 2018. I have worked with over 200 families and have now become great friends with so many of them! This is what I was meant to do!”

Audrey honed her skills by taking classes, both online and in person. And she practiced. A lot. Audrey says, “My family and kids got sick of it, my dog got sick of it… and I kept going.” To continuing improving her skills, she has benefitted greatly by being part of communities like VendRaleigh that encourage her potential. She has taken business classes as well as mentoring sessions to ensure that what she’s doing is useful, proper, and above all, beneficial to all.

Audrey markets her business in a variety of fashions. “I have an online presence on Google, Facebook, and Instagram, as well as advertising my wedding services online with WeddingWire and Bustld. I get most of my inquiries from word of mouth though, as it’s always more powerful to hear recommends from your friends and family as opposed to looking it up online.”

Most of Audrey’s customers are families and couples. Her ideal client is anyone who is laid back and wants pictures of memories. She doesn’t consider herself to be  a posed photographer…”not because I don’t know how to, but because I enjoy the real, honest, and authentic moments instead.” So anyone who wants to play with their families at the local creek and have documentation… you’ve got the right girl!

Audrey’s customers select her because she loves her job and it shows. “I am constantly having a blast while taking pictures and when I capture an image that I know is amazing, I kind of jump up and down and squeal with excitement. It’s so wonderful knowing that you’re going to be making that family or couple VERY happy!”

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