Party Delights, LLC

“I LOVE my delicious job!” exclaims Heather Singleton, owner of Party Delights. “It’s the SWEETEST job in the world. I taught myself several years ago as a stay-at-home mom when I made my first cake for my daughter’s first birthday. I went to school to be an elementary school teacher, but obviously my calling was elsewhere.”

Heather has always been “artsy” so putting her techniques to cake came really easily and naturally. She loves baking, decorating and creating edible art for her clients. She makes delicious custom cakes and many other desserts for weddings, everyday occasions, and beyond!

The Business of Party Delights

Heather uses social media to market the business, but she primarily relies on customer referrals. Having a storefront has really helped her exposure, but she feels the location isn’t ideal. She states, “If I could pick up my little cupcake house and move it somewhere else, I totally would.”

Heather welcomes business advice from anyone, but mostly her family. They are her “rock of support and guidance.”

The Future of Party Delights

Heather sees the studio continuing its growth over the next several years. She is open to the idea of a partner to work with her as the business grows.


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